Big magazine news

Big magazine news: For $7.35 (U.S.) you can purchase a copy of the 2×3-feet Montreal-based magazine, Manoeuvres (the ability to read french required), which is returning after a 13-year absence. (A Radar magazine precedent?) According to the NY Times (registration required), publishers of the magazine are trying to get Guiness Book of World Records to declare the size of the magazine a record. This weblog would like to scoop Guiness by declaring Manoeuvres “The biggest publicity gimmick using a big-format magazine ever heard of by the rexblog.”

This weblog does not know whether or not to call the magazine a “custom published” magazine as it seems to be a bit like Benetton’s Colors: “The three Manoeuvres executives acknowledge that the impetus behind the original magazine was largely self-promotional. “One way of getting the media to notice our work,” Mr. Blais said, “was simply to create our own magazine.” As noted previously, despite such a strong similarity in purpose, Benetton’s Colors is not a custom published magazine.