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Yahoo search tricks: Gary Price at ResourceShelf says Yahoo Search is “going wild” with short-cuts. Here’s a complete list Yahoo search features to compare with a similar list of Google search features.

I note all this because today Gary mentions a new Yahoo short-cut, one that made me think of my father. Until the day he passed away at age 89, he rarely failed to include in every conversation we shared a question about how much gas cost in whatever city I happened to be talking to him from. From as early as I can recall, he always kept a piece of paper in his car on which he recorded a running tally of the cost per gallon of each fill-up and calculations related to his average mile-per-gallon performance. Even when his cars began to have such features displayed on the dashboard, he continued to keep his paper calculations “to be sure.”

Perhaps because of our subconcious reaction to his obsession, my brothers and I have rarely been aware of the price of gas. It would never fail to frustrate my father when I would answer his question about the price of a gallon of gas with the flip, “I have no idea.” As he got older and his memory deteriorated, this gas per gallon discussion became so important a part of his concerns whenver we visited or talked on the phone that, despite my lack of awareness, I would always make up an answer for gas milage and price per gallon quizes.

Oh, how I wished he’d lived during a time when he could have enjoyed this handy little tool:

How much does gas cost where you are (change the zipcode)?

2 thoughts on “Yahoo search tricks

  1. Wow. Your dad would have been a great candidate for president [re: the press’s delight at catching candidates unawares re: cost of a gallon of milk [I have no idea on that one and I buy one every week], loaf of bread, gallon of gas….]. I too will confess that I had a subconscious reaction to someone’s insisting I pay attention to all that sort of thing, but in the end it wore off on me and now I do it almost unconsciously. I always know how many miles to the gallon my car gets, on the road vs. in town vs. mixed miles, and I could always come vy. close on the cost of gas. And yes, I’ll drive down the street for a cheaper fillup [a habit that predates our current situation]. That’s what happens when you become a gas geek.

  2. I figure it’s going to have to purchase it no matter what it cost per gallon. I will say this about my father: His obsession with the price of gas per gallon led him to purchase the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the road before it was fashionable: thus, my first car was a Simca that got something like 40 miles to the gallon in 1970 when gas cost 28 cents in Georgia.

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