A magazine of his own

A magazine of his own: IDG Entertainment has launched the magazine Gamestar, which it describes as, “the first media brand focused on the new adult gamer and his entertainment interests.” (His?) This weblog will make no innuendoes about the following promo copy found on the magazine’s teaser website: “Whether you’re a sports, combat, speed, or […]

Blog, Milt, blog

Blog, Milt, blog: While this weblog has not said this publicly, it has noted to several people that it believes one of the best bloggers in Nashville doesn’t have a weblog (or, at least one that this blogger knows about). Each week, Milt Capps, on behalf of the Nashville Technology Council sends out an extraordinarily […]

Vaporzine custom publishing update

Canadian custom publishing update: A Canadian advertising agency has launched a subsidiary that will create “branded content” like television shows, video games and magazines that will “showcase products.” Quote: “… the latest example of a marketing company attempting to blur the lines between entertainment and advertising. Branded content is seen as a way to reach […]