Product placement, you want product placement?

Product placement, you want product placement? We promise, this weblog is not turning into the weblog covering “faux-shocking news about product placements,” however, the amusing review in the NY Times about a car-chase movie on the USA Network tonight, makes a big deal of how Pontiacs appear throughout the movie. If you think this is something new, this weblog has just one phrase for you: “the 1970 Dodge Challenger.” (Actually, I can think of dozens more phrases like this, but you get the idea.)

A magazine of his own

A magazine of his own: IDG Entertainment has launched the magazine Gamestar, which it describes as, “the first media brand focused on the new adult gamer and his entertainment interests.” (His?) This weblog will make no innuendoes about the following promo copy found on the magazine’s teaser website: “Whether you’re a sports, combat, speed, or even fantasy guy, Gamestar Magazine and Gamestar CD lead you straight to the action.”

Blog, Milt, blog

Blog, Milt, blog: While this weblog has not said this publicly, it has noted to several people that it believes one of the best bloggers in Nashville doesn’t have a weblog (or, at least one that this blogger knows about). Each week, Milt Capps, on behalf of the Nashville Technology Council sends out an extraordinarily thorough e-mail newsletter that re-capps (sorry) the current tech-related news in middle-Tennessee and from around the state (here is the current issue, and archive of past issues). There is some great news buried in the current issue of the newsletter about Milt reaching an agreement with the council to contintue publishing the newsletter. Congratulations on this news from the rexblog, a back-bench low profile member of this fine organization. (Let me be clear: The rexblog is not suggesting Milt discontinue the e-mail newsletter produced on an e-mail marketing platform this weblog thinks is perhaps the finest technology ever created by two of its former colleagues and favorite people, this weblog is merely suggesting that Milt extend his & the Nashville Technology Council’s brand into the blogosphere.)

Vaporzine custom publishing update

Canadian custom publishing update: A Canadian advertising agency has launched a subsidiary that will create “branded content” like television shows, video games and magazines that will “showcase products.”

“… the latest example of a marketing company attempting to blur the lines between entertainment and advertising. Branded content is seen as a way to reach consumers in an era where ads are so ubiquitous that people tune out or use digital video recorders as a filter.”

Yes, this is indeed the latest example of a century-old (at least) attempt to blur such lines. Except for the difficulty in understanding how such lines can be blurred when the “content” is clearly “branded.” Or, how this is something news-worthy when Proctor & Gamble has been producing “soap operas” for 75 years, first on radio and then on TV.

(Thanks to Eddie Rider)