Pling-Plog: Rafat Ali has some interesting observations regarding the beta test of a feature it is calling “Plogs“:

“…what I would like is that if Amazon can spider services like Technorati to see other references (from other blogs/media sources) to a new book released, and present that ecosystem as part of the “plog” recommendation… As such, the blog meme is powerful than you think..the chunk-sized bites are about to take over the world…sorta.
I can see implications of this integrated into its A9 search engine…I am not sure Amazon has some grand plan to take over the world, but it is nice to see that piece-by-piece, things are being put together in place…”

This weblog will have to take Rafat’s word on this as the beta test does not extend to our well-worn Amazon account, or I’m just not looking at the right spot despite clicking through from the “About Plogs” page.