Welcome to the world of weblog custom publishing

Welcome to the world of weblog custom publishing: Since Nick Denton is today announcing that Gawker Media is launching a “contract publishing” service, I have decided to announce that Hammock Publishing is doing the same. Actually, we launched it about 13 years ago, but today seemed to be a good day to announce it.

As we already provide our clients out-sourced publishing services related to their magazines and newsletters and provide them with a wide range of online editorial services, it seems only natural to add weblogs into the mix. And besides, at least one person who works at Hammock blogs way too much anyway.

According to Nick Denton’s weblog, Gawker Media’s first contract weblog work is for Nike and is called Art of Speed. (On the weblog, it is described as a “team-up” between Nike and Gawker Media). It’s cool and if you’re a corporate marketer, you should do one just like it. According to Nick, it is a “microsite within gawker.com.” No word yet if Nick has any contract work for its “not-safe-for-work-site,” Fleshbot.

As for Hammock Publishing, we anticipate launching our first “custom published” weblog later this summer. I will keep you posted. Promise.

Later: Steve Rubel (who is limiting his news-watching to weblogs this week) points to this post and asks, “Will big media custom publishing divisions be far behind?” My answer: “About as far behind as big media is with weblogs…or custom magazines, for that matter (but that’s a whole ‘nother topic.)”

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  1. Keep ME posted on the custom weblog business. I’d like to get into that business!

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