Cheap shot

Cheap shot: I’ll admit. I was never much of a Cracked magazine guy. I was too much a Mad man. So the fact that Cracked didn’t go out of business 20 years ago completely got past me somehow. According to the Indianapolis Star, the “guitarist and eccentric rock ‘n’ roll personality Rick Nielsen” of the band Cheap Trick (again, it completely slipped past me they were still around) and some other investors have purchased Cracked magazine (I would assume from American Media) and moved it to Rockport, Ill., the band’s hometown.


Nielsen says he doesn’t feel pressure to save the franchise. “There’s so much content that it’s unbelievable,” he says. “Even if we didn’t put out new magazines, there’s so much old stuff.”

“It’s dumb humor, but it’s also very topical and historical,” Nielsen says. “It’s good (flatulence) jokes and people with their pants falling down. It’s not the New Yorker, but the New Yorker wouldn’t have interested me.”

Actually, Rick. When you put it that way, it does sorta sound like the New Yorker.