Back door

swishBack door: The online basketball subscription news site,, is announcing a vaporzine, a print magazine it plans to launch next month called Swish (hey, they named it, not me). The press release isn’t exactly clear about the frequency of the magazine other than to say that the first issue will be mailed next month.

So, what makes this news unique? Other magazines have been launched by online properities (as noted by my colleague Jackie Ross), but this is the first time I’ve seen an online brand extend its brand to print specifically to serve as a free premium to encourage subscriptions to the online product. (It’s not, however, the first time I’ve seen subscriptions to existing magazines used as premiums.)

Here’s the offer:

All you have to do to get a FREE subscription to SWISH! Magazine is subscribe to NEWS @ at the special annual rate of only $20 for a year’s subscription. That’s a whole year of NEWS @, the only media outlet covering the NBA year-round (including the draft, summer league play, and training camp), and a free subscription to SWISH! Magazine – all for $20. It’s Christmas in June!

Perhaps my friend, Rafat Ali at PaidContent.Org can sort this out. A new trend? Give away the print, charge for the web? Or can this be consider a custom(er) magazine?

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  1. Rex-

    Never got a mailing address from you – would love to mail you copies of our “vaporzine”… considering we are preparing our third issue… someone owes us an apology…

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