Thank god for backups

Thank god for backups and blogger-friends: Actually, I have lots to be thankful for. There are some amazing people in the world. Really. At the top of the list is Steve Kirks ( He is my hero. I met him online first and then briefly in the hallway of Bloggercon II. Have I mentioned he’s my hero?

I will be posting some more about what it’s like to lose ones blog home and then to see it magically reappear thanks to the magic of back ups and the generous assistance and advice of some amazingly smart people. (Have I mentioned Steve Kirks?) More very soon.

3 thoughts on “Thank god for backups

  1. Thanks, Rex.

    A couple of things:

    If you do links to your own content, use a Manila macro called “relative link”. I modified a couple of your posts below to take advantage of it. That way, when the site is on it’s normal URL, the links will automatically change.

    See the entry on Ronald Regan covers. Click the link to edit the entry, then note the curly braces and the link for Clone Covers.

    Email or call if you have questions…

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