Blog lessons

Blog lessons: Some things I’ve learned since having my weblog unexpectedly evicted from its home.

1. That losing a “host” is not as disappointing as losing a well-bookmarked URL.

2. That “What did they expect?” or “Are they so stupid not to back up?” are odd but popular comments by the schadenfreude crowd who post comments on geek-oriented message threads.

3. That Dave Winer no longer has anything to do with Userland. Really. Honest.

4. That resurrecting a weblog, even if you have it backed up, can be frustrating and time-consuming. And what’s the deal with how long it takes to propagate a domain name?

5. That in the big scheme of things, losing a weblog for a few days is a hassle, not a catastrophe.

6. That backing up data is a really, really good thing.

7. That this weblog may indeed have more than five readers; maybe up to seven or so.

8. That what you hope is true about people, is true: some folks are really generous when it comes to helping others. Voluntarily. Without being asked. And with requested anonymity.

9. That when you lose your weblog, the first thing you think about are in-coming links.

10. That even if you would rip a new one in a “company” that took away the URL of your weblog, there is some sorta “clued-in” etiquette that requires one to be sympathetic to a “person” who does it.

(Note: I sincerely hope nothing in this post is interpreted as a flame of anyone, anywhere. As I have said nearly continuously for several days now, I am deeply grateful for any and all of the unappreciated pioneers of technology who have made possible this weblog and the Internet on which it exists. I love you all. Really. I mean it.)

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