Welcome back, once more

Welcome back, once more: From my e-mail (and just from, I don’t know, a wild guess), a few of the people who for whatever reason bookmarked this site have discovered that it actually didn’t [Macro error: Can’t evaluate the expression because the name “ftpSite” hasn’t been defined.]
. That’s because, sometime in the past few hours, all those links to the rexblog’s old URL are now being redirected to www.rexblog.com (Have I mentioned you should update blogrolls, bookmarks and RSS feeds accordingly?). This redirect will last for 90 days.

I would like to personally thank Dave Winer for making this redirect possible. I have publicly vented my frustration with Dave over the past week, but I tried my best to do so in a reasoned and reasonable manner and in the context of my appreciation and gratitude for his role in the creation of blogs and in hosting this weblog for over three years witihout ever asking for a fee. I have had a unique spectator/participant seat for observing the aftermath of the whole incident. Emotions flared. Mistakes were made. A community of very talented and very generous individuals responded. Mistakes were corrected. Emotions subsided. And sure enough, the earth still spins on its axis. And once more, a thanks to my hero, Steve Kirks for helping this weblog get back up on its feet, so to speak.

One thought on “Welcome back, once more

  1. Thanks for the “thanks”, Rex. I’ve been through my own issues in the last week and it hurts. People achieve a mental balance in life using tools like writing and reading (web or otherwise). When the balance is upset, everyone gets a little cranky.

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