Between the covers

Between the covers: Earlier today, the rexblog noted that Chris Buckley was complaining about Esquire, “I opened it at random to a sex column, and I won’t even quote what was being discussed. It was something out of ‘Sex and the City.'” No, wait, sorry, that wasn’t about Esquire. That was about what Folio: Magazine’s is reporting about Billboard Magazine. (Sidenote: Is it this weblog? Are we the only ones who think the name of the magazine Folio: look like an emoticon?)

More Esquire bashing

More Esquire bashing: Now, NY Daily News gossip Lloyd Grove says (scroll down) Chris Buckley, former managing editor of Esquire, is “appalled” by it today.


This was the magazine I started at. It was founded by Arnold Gingrich, edited by Harold Hayes, for which Tom Wolfe and Gay Talese had written their seminal pieces. And it’s become a t-t book.”

It’s become a what kind of book? A t-t book? Buckley must really be pissed off.

As for the rexblog, after deep reflection, we deem Esquire more t-a than t-t.