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Between the covers: Earlier today, the rexblog noted that Chris Buckley was complaining about Esquire, “I opened it at random to a sex column, and I won’t even quote what was being discussed. It was something out of ‘Sex and the City.'” No, wait, sorry, that wasn’t about Esquire. That was about what Folio: Magazine’s is reporting about Billboard Magazine. (Sidenote: Is it this weblog? Are we the only ones who think the name of the magazine Folio: look like an emoticon?)

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  1. I’m sorry. I didn’t quite follow that post seeing as how I’m a skimmer, and one who doesn’t have a newsreader [gasp] at that.

    Is the point that someone is scandalized at Sex in the City-type content showing up in another publication aimed at the adult [small a, as in grownups, not Adult, as in porn] reading public?

    Here I was hoping that after 400 years we could finally shed some of our puritanical roots.

  2. Jim, this weblog is glad to know you folio: folks: can have fun: when we joke about your colon. ~| :- { ) (that’s an emoticom self-portrait of this blogger)

  3. OK of course my previous comment makes no sense because I didn’t read the folio:! article first. Oh my. It’s much worse than Just Shoot Me, my favorite fake magazine. Not that I ever watched that show.

    How did they have time to put the magazine out?? Hopefully, we will not have to hear the details on Court TV.

  4. No, Laura. The point was that Folio: is exploring (a colonoscopy?, oops, sorry, that’s a carryover from the previous comment ) a story about accusations of sexual impropriety at a well-know business-to-business magazine…not their typical story.

  5. Are you wearing a Titans flamehead wig in your emoticon? I’ve never seen your hair stick up like that.

  6. funny, Laura. On my self-portrait emoticon, I was looking for something that would convey the idea that what little hair I have often sticks straight up. But now that you mention it, yes, it’s a titans flamehead wig.

  7. The strong-arm stuff on editorial seems to hover over lots of trade books, maybe all of them, which depend so heavily on advertising from the very industry they cover. (Ditto for small town newspapers, and, one suspects, not so small town papers.) It’s obviously an issue in custom publishing, and asgets even more complex when custom publications include advertising as part of their revenue model.

  8. the post-MediaCentral joke at Folio: was that the colon was the only thing we had left.

    the killer is that the other colonless trademark holders are Kohler (for plumbing fixtures) and some financial company in Virginia.

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