Just do it

swooshJust do it: Journalist-blogger (Blogalist?) and media-empire-builder, Rafat Ali, reports that Nike is hiring a content manager. “Projects will focus on TV/Film/Video but may also include Publishing, Gaming, Web, Wireless, Magazines, Books, Comics and other appropriate new media.” The rexblog, who would love nothing more than to become a close buddy with the filler of this job (really, please, e-mail me when you get hired, and I’ll see you in Beaverton like the next day and tell you the story about how I was standing next to Phil Knight when Tiger Woods first took the lead on the way to winning his first Masters) recalls (it’s rexblog-history theme night) blogging on February 2, 2002, about Nike sorta fouling out on some previous magazine plans. And earlier this month, the rexblog reported that a magazine called “Swish” was being launched, which, upon reflection, sounds almost like the name of a potential Nike magazine for…nah, I think I’ll just stop there. (via BuzzMachine.)