Into thick air

Into thick air: This weblog’s invitation to the Outward Bound publisher junket adventure obviously has been lost in the mail for the past 20 years:

The first media trips, more than 20 years ago, were initiated by John Mack Carter—the Hearst exec who at various points edited Good Housekeeping, Ladies’ Home Journal, and McCall’s—and by Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel co-founder Don Welsh. These expeditions remain one of Outward Bound’s few invitational events. Media mavens from all reaches of the industry meet and network while hiking through jungles and paddling down rivers in all reaches of the globe. In turn, the Outward Bound organization is given a friendly reception in its guests’ advertising offices and often receives pro-bono or discounted ad placements in an impressive number of magazines. The sleek ads make a happy fit with publications as diverse as National Geographic and Maxim. Last year, a two-page spread appeared in ESPN The Magazine.

Call me. We can work out a deal.