Set your TiVo

Set your TiVo: Jeff Jarvis is scheduled (now, at least) to be on Aaron Brown’s program (CNN) between 10 and 11 eastern (or, for those of us in fly-over America, 9 and 10) to talk about Fahrenheit 911. The program tonight is being promo’d with the tag line, “Fahrenheit 911: Hot stuff or hot air.” From his blog-review (“propaganda too unsubtle for the cheapest tin-horn demagog.”), this weblog is guessing Jeff will be speaking on behalf of hot air…and we would never say hot air is a topic on which our friend Jeff is an expert even if the opportunity for such a cheap-joke ever presented itself.

Later: There he was, introduced as creator and editor of the weblog Aaron Brown, Jeff Greenfield and our Jeff Jarvis. “I’m not a Bush voter,” he said, and then went of to lay down a convincing argument why the movie sucks. I had a hard time following what he was saying as I was too preoccupied with thinking, “Hey, that’s really Jeff Jarvis and he’s graduated from blogger to the TV punditry class. Dude.