Recounting the numbers

Recounting the numbers: In Monday’s NY Times, David Carr and Jacques Steinberg examine the circulation falsification practices at Gruner & Jahr, Hollinger International and the Tribune Company and if the print auditing system is broken.

“I am probably naïve,” said John Fox Sullivan, president and group publisher of Atlantic Media, which publishes The Atlantic Monthly. “I was stunned by what happened at Gruner & Jahr. And then what happened at Newsday and other newspapers left me even more stunned. Fundamentally, I don’t think there is a lot of flat-out cheating or fraud in our industry.”

Founding covers

Founding covers: As the publisher of a magazine that has a focus on early-American history, it is encouraging to see the topic apparently is doing well for Time. This marks the third straight year its “Independence Day” cover has tied into the holiday. As for why both Jefferson and Franklin are illustrated in nearly identical poses, well, that’s a question only someone like [Macro error: Can’t evaluate the expression because the name “ftpSite” hasn’t been defined.]
could answer.

Lewis & Clark, 2002
Benjamin Franklin, 2003
Thomas Jefferson, 2004