Target marketing

Target marketing: The New Yorker’s Adam Green profiles the summer issue of Don Diva, hitting the newsstands now.


Don Diva is a glossy quarterly, with a circulation of about a hundred thousand, in whose pages readers can follow the bloody rise and fall of ruthless crime lords, learn about advances in drug-concealment techniques, look at models in thong bikinis, and find out where to buy fifteen-thousand-dollar alligator jackets, three-thousand-gallon aquariums, and 9-millimetre submachine guns….Don Diva’s editor-in-chief is a former telephone-company employee and marketing executive from suburban New Jersey named Tiffany Chiles. Chiles founded the magazine in 1999, at the suggestion of her husband, who was then serving a ten-year federal sentence for bankrolling his music label, Big Boss Records, with profits from his wholesale cocaine business.

Clarification: When we said the magazine was “hitting” newsstands now, we meant “now available at” newsstands.