Trippin’: MediaPost’s Michael Shields profiles Complex Magazine (which raises a philosophical question I wish one of the five rexblog readers could help me answer: “Is Complex Magazine the opposite of Real Simple Magazine?”)


Jimmy Jellinek believes that the two-and-a-half-year-old Complex Magazine is riding a wave of change in the magazine world, where product-centric editorial is more the norm…. “This is where publishing is going, toward more consumerism,” he said. “People are making statements about their inner selves with the products they buy. It’s really beyond race, beyond class. It is consumerism as a lifestyle.

Actually, Jimmy, if that is where publishing is going, why not just leap over Complex and go straight to the destination?

One thought on “Trippin

  1. This one-fifth of Rexblog is at a loss for words. Real Simple I get – Complex and Don Diva I do not. They must have some seriously great salespeople to put over a farce like these pubs. I can’t come up with a better explanation, apart from P.T. Barnum…

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