Falling over themselves

Falling over themselves: Gawker is following up with naming news regarding that CondeNast home-shopping vaporzine we blogged last March. When it finally arrives, the magazine will be called Domino, according to the the press release. I guess it must have something to do with shopping for pizza from home. It’s due out next year, so we’ll have plenty of time to anticipate it. Oh, great: two new Advance shopping magazines in one day. (via The Media Drop)

One thought on “Falling over themselves

  1. I propose adding the following term to your lexicon: Fogzine. A fogzine is a vaporzine that actually manages to publish one, two or a few more issues. Probably less than a full year’s worth, though. The idea is that fog appears – is visible, unlike vapor – then vanishes when the light of day gets to it. This could apply to totally new launches as well as relaunches of defunct or severely ailing magazines.

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