How magazines start

How magazines start: I typically don’t blog regional “art and lit publications” but this story about the magazine 200 Proof in Albany, NY, had too great a quote that begs for a rexblog mention:

“Matthew Bishop said the idea to make the magazine just hit him one day. ‘I saw that we had a group of very talented young artists and writers. So far we got out two issues, and we’re looking to the future,’ he said.”

I wonder if the name of the publication was in any way inspired by what he was drinking when the idea hit him.

Later: In grabbing a cover image of the current issue of the magazine, I noticed a unique cover-art approach. Each of the 350 copies of the issue has a different cover and, “no two are the same.” (Come to think of it, however, I know some designers who’ve had to create 350 different versions of a cover before one was approved.)