Paper power

Paper power: via MediaPost’s Michael Shields’ article today about Sappi Paper’s current “Life With Print” advertising campaign, I’ve discovered the company’s online “Idea Exchange” for on-paper publishers and other creative types. I’ve added it to the magazine resources blogroll and encourage you to download the brochure “Life With Print” brochure (or, better yet, order the print version).


The provocative ad, clearly pro-print and anti-TV, doesn’t come from the MPA, or the ANA, but from Sappi, one of the world’s largest producers of fine paper. The ads, running in Fortune, Forbes, Adweek, Advertising Age, and others, “celebrate the print medium,” says Danielle Perretty, assistant marketing manager at Sappi. The “Life with Print” campaign would appear to be just what many proponents of print on Madison Avenue have been looking for–ads that directly challenge the effectiveness of TV. Sappi is even giving away a promotional guide entitled “Life With Print” to anyone who calls or goes online to request a copy.