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Wal-Mart magazine channel news: I wonder if Time Inc. thought when they spent all that energy in developing All You, a woman’s magazine to be sold exclusively through Wal-Mart stores, that the concept would be knocked off before it’s even launched. Keith Kelly reports today that American Media is working with Wal-Mart on a rather similarly concepted idea.


Freelancers for American Media have quietly been working on a prototype for a new women’s health and fitness title that is being designed to be sold exclusively at Wal-Mart stores. One source said the title has the working title, Looking Good….”They took it very seriously,” said the source, who said Wal-Mart hopes it will help move health and diet products. It is expected to be displayed separately from All You and the other mainstream magazines. There is still some debate whether it should be skewed toward women or seek a dual audience. It is expected that if the new title gets the OK, it will be offered for sale at a low price point — below the $2 threshold — much like the Time Inc. title.

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  1. I know that at least some of the other 4 readers of this blog never darken the door of W*****t, regarding it as something from the aftermath of the Apocalypse. So for them, this comment may not be entirely clear. But, if Looking Good is to be the title of “a new women’s health and fitness title that is being designed to be sold exclusively at W*****t,” then the folks at American Media either have a keen sense of irony, or are positioning the book as aspirational. Either way, what can this book bring that the other raft of galmags promoting health and diet don’t? Rex, I know you have an answer…

  2. Good point, Hudge. Perhaps the hoped-for secret sauce in this new “diet, health” magazine has something to do with its editorial director having the keenly ironic name Fuller. As in fuller life? Or as in fuller tummy?

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