Say it ain’t so

Say it ain’t so? (scroll down – 4th item) is reporting the NY Time’s magazine-beat reporter, and the rexblog’s most linked-to reporter (125 times), David Carr, is “moving into a different role, one that could be preliminary to his moving off the media beat altogether.” Quote: Times cultural news editor Jonathan Landman said Friday […]

Show off

Show off: The NY Times’ David Carr profiles John F. McDonald who knows a thing or two about running successful, popular restaurants and popular, award-winning magazines…and how the two endeavors are different. Quote: “It’s tougher than the restaurant racket because there are circulation and distribution issues that are out of your control,” he said. “And […]

Red herring about Red Herring?

Red herring about Red Herring? Since Rafat Ali is continuing to play the part of lead skeptic regarding the dejazine plans of Red Herring, this weblog will merely add, “What he said.”: Quote: The magazine will possibly be a weekly (you’re serious, are you?), and priced at a yearly subscription of $48, though the publisher […]