Red herring about Red Herring?

Red herring about Red Herring? Since Rafat Ali is continuing to play the part of lead skeptic regarding the dejazine plans of Red Herring, this weblog will merely add, “What he said.”:


The magazine will possibly be a weekly (you’re serious, are you?), and priced at a yearly subscription of $48, though the publisher Alex Vieux would not confirm the frequency. An announcement is expected during the next 10 days. The trouble signs: So far, the publisher only has 10 editorial employees in place. During little more than a year of planning the relaunch and running the Website, Vieux has burned through three top editors with strong pedigrees. The magazine, like the website, will have no bylines, taking away any ounce of motivation that the writers may have. As the story says “A good dose of skepticism about the future of the Red Herring may be healthy, at least until an editor stays on the job for longer than a cup of coffee.”

Here’s the rexblog’s prediction (guesses): There is no way Red Herring will be a weekly. No way. (Take that to the investment bank.) It will likely begin with a “premiere issue” this fall that will carry no date on the cover. The “premiere issue” will be used to shop the concept for investors or, better yet, to sell. (A strategy used by others but made famous by Jake Winebaum of Family Fun fame.) After the “premiere issue,” there will be a “launch issue” (still not dated) sometime next spring. If the magazine survives past that issue, it will begin regular publication as a bi-monthly (6x annually), or, if someone is feeling especially eager to lose lots of money, a 10x schedule (no Jaunary or August issues).