Say it ain’t so

Say it ain’t so? (scroll down – 4th item) is reporting the NY Time’s magazine-beat reporter, and the rexblog’s most linked-to reporter (125 times), David Carr, is “moving into a different role, one that could be preliminary to his moving off the media beat altogether.”


Times cultural news editor Jonathan Landman said Friday that Carr is expanding his scope beyond the business of media. “He wants to be able to spread his wings a little wider, and I think that’s fine,” said Landman, who was recently tasked to quarterback an overhaul of all of the Times’ cultural coverage. “David’s a guy with huge talent.” Landman did not specify how Carr’s role will change except to say that he will write for both the business and culture sections, reporting to a new editor within the culture department who will be named by the end of the summer.

(Flashback: David Carr talks about his job with his hometown magazine.) (via Romenesko)