Was being Young foolish?

Was being Young foolish? Daniel J. Vargas of the Houston Chronicle “covers” the new Abercrombie & Fitch customer magazine, now called A&F Magazine, but called Young last issue. Yes, we’re confused also.


…not a bare bum or breast is exposed on its 63 pages. A little pelvic-bone flashing, yes. Bare-chested men, yes. Models on their hands and knees in the high grass, yes. But no gratuitous nudity or group situations of a sexual nature. Still, not everyone is satisfied with the sanitized version. Phil Burress, president of Cincinnati-based Citizens for Community Values, a vocal critic of the clothing store chain’s marketing campaigns, says the company is headed in the right direction by cleaning up its publications, but asserts that A&F is missing the larger message. “From a pictoral standpoint and message standpoint, it’s much toned down,” he says. “But they still don’t get it. They’re still using sex to sell their product, and when you do that, you’re polluting an entire generation.” Burress, who sees the magazine because his stepdaughter is on A&F’s mailing list, says some of the pictures and clothing in the magazine give impressionable young minds a warped view on how they’re supposed to look and act. “I still charge A&F for not caring about the next generation,” Burress says.

As this weblog has no such lame excuse for actually getting the magazine mailed to its house, we’ll have to take Burress’ word on it. However, we really do love the Houston Chronicle’s wry wit for assigning someone named Vargas to do this story.