Slobbering in the Hamptons

Slobbering in the Hamptons: According to this piece in the Sunday NY Times, those who vacation in the upscale Hamptons spend most of their vacation reading free magazines.


The print-and-ink love fest of Hamptonian self-celebration, once confined to a mere handful of party pages in one or two magazines, has exploded into a frenzied orgy. Thanks in part to the purveyors of ultraluxury goods and real-estate brokers eager to reach wealthy readers, and in part to the human capacity to stare goggle-eyed at page after page of tanned partygoers clutching mojitos and arm candy, an astonishing number of publications are now slavishly, even slobberingly, devoted to the resort towns of eastern Long Island. This summer alone, there are six new magazines competing for the local eyeballs: Hampton Sports, Hampton Jitney, Hampton Family Life, Social Life, fourninetyfive and East Hampton Life. These join a field of free magazines that include Dan’s Papers, Hamptons, Hampton Style, Hamptons Cottages and Gardens, The Improper Hamptonian, Inhale/Exhale and The Hampton Sheet, as well as established newspapers like The East Hampton Star, The East Hampton Independent, The Southampton Press and The Sag Harbor Express.