Huh? When I can find it, I’ll link back to an earlier post regarding question marks on magazine covers (they’re a sign of weakness), but today’s clone cover post made me curious how Time & Newsweek compare in using the question mark cliche. For 2004, here are the questions the magazines ask on their covers:

Newsweek Asks:

Girl or Boy? (1/26)
Who really killed Jesus? (2/16)
Is he to blame? (5/17)
Can this man save Iraq? (7/5)
The sunshine boys? (7/19)

Time Asks:

Who is the real Dean? (1/12)
What kind of president would John Kerry be? (2/19)
Does Bush have a credibility gap? (2/16)
Are too many jobs going abroad? (3/1)
Why did Jesus have to die? (4/12)