Ads: Perhaps you’ve noticed, but this weblog has started back serving ads from a particular service that is going public this month. Last time, when I started doing this, I mentioned the service and I ended up getting kicked out of the program (long story). Anyway, I find it funny that because I use a […]

Shameless self-promotional post

Shameless self-promotional post: Once in a while, this weblog likes to pause in order to promote the accomplishments of the wonderful folks at its day job. So, here goes. The people I work with and the tremendous clients we work for have been honored for their editorial and design expertise. Please pardon my pride in […]

Number crunching

Number crunching: Crain’s NY Business reports that Ziff Davis Media may have overstated paid circulation numbers for PC Magazine in 2002 and 2003. Ziff zips a response: It didn’t take long for Ziff Davis to issue a press release responding to the Crain’s NY Business report. In short, Ziff is blaming the “subscription agent.” Quote: […]