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Vaporzine watch: According to the St. Pete Times, “Late next month, Christine Crosby and her husband, Jonathan Micocci, will launch GRAND Magazine, a bi-monthly publication targeted at well-to-do Baby Boomers with grandkids. Comedian and new grandpa Billy Crystal will grace the cover. About 100,000 copies will be distributed.” According to publishers of the [Macro error: Can’t evaluate the expression because the name “ftpSite” hasn’t been defined.]

, “This is the wealthiest, highest discretionary-income market there has ever been,” Crosby said in an interview at her home, overlooking a hammock, a small pool and Boca Ciega Bay. “It is just a gigantic market that has been ignored.”

However, the-always-raining-on-the-parades-of-people-like-Christine-and-Jonathan Samir Husni‘s response is predictably cautionary (but correct):

Americans don’t like to be reminded that they’re aging, Husni said. They also don’t like to be lumped together; grandparents ages 45 and 85 may not share the same concerns or interests. “It’s like, we have 270-million Americans who walk every day,” he added. “But how many of them would buy a magazine called Walk?”

Samir always knows his stuff.

2 thoughts on “Vaporzine watch

  1. Am holding my opinion as well except to say, don’t be too impressed by Billy Crystal on the cover. He has a new book about being a grandparent [kids’ book] and he has an AMAZING publicist….he’s been in every magazine I’ve picked up this month.

  2. >Crosby said in an interview at her home, overlooking a hammock,

    She overlooked you? The nerve of some people.

    Speaking as someone in the age demographic, whose contemporaries (and some younger) are entering the “Grand” era, I think I would pick up an issue and leaf thru it, especially if it were at the office of one of my many doctors, since I’d really have nothing better to do than see who else comes in (can’t talk about that, though, HIPAA you know) while waiting for all those whiny Medicare patients to be seen first. I think Samir has a point, and it may be why I will likely let my AARP membership lapse (which will also stop the arrival of their magazine, which I don’t like either). Who says you get crotchety with age?

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