Back breaker

Back breaker: According to Fashion Week Daily, the September issue of Vogue Magazine will be the largest issue ever in the history of the magazine.


According to sources on the publishing side of Vogue, the annual fall fashion issue—one of the most highly anticipated issues of the year—will contain over 620 pages of advertisements (the previous record for ad pages was 619). Combined with what we estimate to be 200-plus pages of editorial (based on last year’s September issue),  the final page count could teeter well into the 850-plus page range.


4 thoughts on “Back breaker

  1. It will be rather “noisy” don’t you think? However, Vogue always has a high ad-to-edit ratio…Then, again, most of its readers probably prefer the ads to the edit.

  2. From what I understand, that’s why most people I know purchase such magazines….

    I’m sure the Anna Wintours of the world would be happy about that, in some strange sort of way.

  3. As I have had to explain to several folks [mostly men] the ads are at least half the point behind Lucky. I have never been a Vogue fan [as anyone who’s seen my clothes knows — I’m just not their target audience] but I’m assuming the same holds true.

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