Savvy blog spin control

Savvy blog spin control: Via Marketing Vox News, I saw the news that early-blogging business Six Apart‘s co-founder and CEO, Mena Trout, 26, has been replaced as CEO by Barak Berkowitz (she’s still president). Rather than let the story be spun by others, Mena shows the turbo-power of business transparency by posting a heartfelt message regarding the decision on her blog. It is very impressive and I highly recommend it be read by any would-be entrepreneur. Great stuff and a tribute to both Mena and all involved, including the VCs.


“I’m a proud person, but not a foolish person. I’d rather be a part of a successful company that I co-founded and ran as CEO for a year than hold on to a title because of ego. Young CEOs exist, but I doubt they exist without help from experienced elders (I just had to use that word). Sure, I could be a miserable twenty-six year old CEO, but I’d rather be a content and productive twenty-seven year old president.”