It’s weird architecture day

It’s weird architecture day: As we started the day out with a post about a construction approach that never quite caught on, we guess it’s appropriate to revisit that theme tonight. This weblog assumes it is supposed to be good news that Dwell magazine, according to the Boston Globe, is leading the rebirth of a housing architectural and construction movement. We also assume we can’t be the only one who thinks it is bad news that Dwell magazine can actually convince people this house is something other than an extraordinarily ugly eyesore that resembles two doublewide mobile homes stacked on top of one other, except made from wood.

4 thoughts on “It’s weird architecture day

  1. Nope sorry I love it. I love Dwell too. It is a great magazine. It has the feel of Architectural Digest and a policy book mashed together, but done with the feel of ultra-cool design. Amazingly it works.

  2. Mashed together – my take on both the magazine and the house in Rex’s post, the latter looking like something local news would show after a tornado. I guess Dwell does prove again the adage that there’s a magazine for every fringe taste, though.

  3. Bill, are you calling Laura’s taste “fringe”? Come to think of it, once in a while her office looks like something you’d see after a tornado. Bill, I think Laura’s taste are not fringe but “ultra-cool.”

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