Martha-sentencing update

marthettesMartha-sentencing watch: (Martha sentenced, above.) In the work-up to the Friday morning Martha sentencing (this weblog has been remarkably restrained), one of the most ridiculous stories has to be one in Friday’s WSJ that explores what her sentencing will mean to the Martha Stewart brand. (Is it just me? Hasn’t this dead horse been beaten enough?) Remarkably, the reporter was able to get “industry observers” to say things that can be interpreted loosely as, “Martha going to jail will be good for the brand.”



Ad-agency executives believe the lifestyle expert’s sentencing is the crucial first step on a path toward rebuilding the image of Ms. Stewart and the company that bears her name.

For the record, this weblog believes Martha Stewart getting any jail sentence is ridiculous no matter how good it is for the brand. Also for the record, it was over two years ago when the first rexblog post on this topic appeared. That lame “Martha in Orange” illustration that accompanied the first post continues to bring people to this weblog every day via image searches on Google.

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  1. I made the comment to my co-workers today when speaking about Martha that “jail is dumb.” I feel jail is for seperating from society those who pose a danger, not as the only punishment at our disposal (especially when that punishment is the adult equivilent of a “time out”). Care to elaborate on why Martha in jail is dumb?

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