Post-it note postage

Post-it note postage: On Friday, the USPS filed a request at the Postal Rate Commission for approval of a “market test” of “repositional notes” (or, in english, post-it notes with heavy-duty adhesive). According to the request (you can download this PDF of the document from the PRC’s website), the Postal Service claims use of such notes increases advertising opportunities for mailers and thus the value of the mail. According to the request, the notes will cost one half cent per piece ($.005) for First-Class mail and one and a half cents per piece ($.015) for periodicals and standard mail. (Side note: Why doesn’t the USPS have anything about the US Postal cycling team on its website front page? I know they’ve decided to drop sponsorship in the future, but wouldn’t it be a good use of its existing marketing investment to have something online tie-in to the massive publicity their brand is currently receiving?)