Blue: The rexblog has ignored this story for months, a glowing example of our tendencies toward denial and self-pity. But we can deny it no longer: Most likely, Eddie George will not be a Titan this year. And some people think that’s what should happen. Oh, sure there’s a longshot things can work out, but resignation is how we’re trying to cope. And so, this weblog will now officially retire the Number 27 jersey pictured. However, we hope for a day, at least during introductions, we can chant at least one more time: Ed-die, Ed-die, Ed-die.

3 thoughts on “Blue

  1. OK again I complain that I cannot edit my post as for some reason there was a copy/paste freakout on the last note there. [Note my tendency to blame that on the universe instead of me.]

    The end of it is supposed to say, the Cards have pulled ahead of the Yanks with the best record in baseball.

  2. Laura, to root for the Cards, I would have to actually follow a sport that (and forgive me please, the reader of the rexblog) baseball to me ranks up there with watching paint dry in terms of excitement…but okay, for you.

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