Whoa nellie

Whoa, nellie: While not exactly news, a report today from DM News announces the launch by People Media Group of HorsePeople, a controlled-circulation magazine for Californians passionate about horses.


The magazine…targets California households with homes worth more than $750,000 and where at least one resident is a horse lover. Initial circulation is 50,000…. Frequency is twice this year, quarterly in 2005 and six times yearly after that. Plans call for expansion circulation in Florida, Virginia, Oregon, Washington and Nevada….The first issue, which went out in May with another due in November…HorsePeople, he said, was inspired by consumer interest in “Seabiscuit,” a book and movie about a racehorse of the same name that captivated so many hearts. Similarly, “Hidalgo,” another movie in the genre, dwelt on man’s redemption and transformation with the help of a horse.

No mention of the classic, “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”