Suffering succotash

Suffering succotash: Slate’s Susan Daniels rounds-up examples of sour-grapes coverage in the international press of Lance Armstrong’s sixth Tour de France victory. Most ironic is the Swiss paper that chided Lance with this remark: “Mankind is not fond of those who gorge themselves on success without suffering and without showing compassion for their fellows.” Maybe something got lost in translation. Perhaps they were praising Lance with that remark.

Paper money

Paper money:, a paid-subscription site, is reporting that in June, North American factories that mill the type of paper used for printing magazines were operating at 95% capacity, up from 88 % a year ago.


Tightness in North American printing/writing paper markets was reflected in the latest Pulp and Paper Products Council statistics, which show operating rates for all grades averaged 95 percent in June, up from 88 percent a year ago….Shipments as a percentage of capacity in June averaged 103 percent for coated mechanical paper, 99 percent for coated free-sheet (woodfree) and 93 percent for uncoated free-sheet (woodfree) as mills struggled to keep up with demand. Printing/writing paper shipments in June surged 10.4 percent ahead of a year ago and were up 6.2 percent for the first six months, according to PPPC. Mill inventories tumbled 117,000 tonnes to end June 528,000 tonnes below a year ago.

Some of the increase in shipments was caused by customers building up inventory before an anticipated price increase buyers expected on July 1, according to the report.

Two men “charged” with publishing a magazine

Two men “charged” with publishing a magazine: As incomprehensible and disgusting as I regard a magazine about dog fighting, I am still somewhat surprised that AP would spin this story to make it appear the individuals are being charged “with publishing a magazine.” Rather, upon reading the article, it appears the publishers of the magazine are being charged with cruelty to animals and conspiracy to commit cruelty to animals. The last time I checked, “publishing a magazine” was not a crime…however, what appears in or is advocated in a magazine can be.