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This just in: Here’s a headline from that ranks right up there with “John Kerry served in Viet Nam”:

“Convention Coverage Could Boost Blog Traffic, Ad Rates, and Awareness.”

What? There are going to be bloggers at the conventions this year? Why doesn’t anyone in the mainstream media cover this story.

Clarification: I don’t really think the “bloggers at the convention” story is being missed by the mainstream media. Some e-mail suggests the nuanced sarcasm was not apparent in the indication of my beleif that bloggers are getting carpet-bombed with coverage. In reality, it appears the mainstream media has nothing else to cover.

4 thoughts on “This just in

  1. Because the mainstream media is too busy with the “head-in-the-sand” to look at the inroads that that new technologies and methods of communication are cutting into traditional information sources.

  2. One person told me this morning via IM that “bloggers at the convention *are* the story” in a lot of cases.

  3. I guess it will quit being a story when CNN gets past displaying a graphic that contains a definition of what a weblog is during the lead-in to blogger stories.

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