JFKs: I try. I try really hard. I try really hard to eschew the political comments on this weblog as there is more than enough weblog server space devoted to that topic. But there was just something about that salute tonight that made me think of it in contrast to that earlier salute on the left: one a contrived photo-op that should embarass whoever came up with the idea; the other an innocent gesture that moved the world.

Update: Jeff Jarvis calls it the “john-john moment” in his insightful review of Kerry’s “competent” speech.

2 thoughts on “JFKs

  1. Funny, when I heard that bit about reporting for duty, I thought Of Randy Quaid in “Independence Day,” saying “Sorry I’m late, Mr. President!” as he zooms in at the penultimate moment to bring payback to the bloodthirty aliens who are terrorizing and desecrating the planet. Hmm. Reading the foregoing, I realize it could be interpreted more than one way. I’m cool with that.

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