Pulling together

Pulling together: National Country Market, an ad rep firm representing a network of magazines read by consumers of electric cooperatives is marking its 10th anniversary today.

Quote from the press release:

NCM… represents one of the largest circulating magazine groups in the country. “If you look at our group as one magazine, we have the fifth largest magazine circulation in the country, right behind Better Homes & Gardens,” says executive director George Macias. The 22 statewide magazines affiliated with NCM are produced by electric cooperative associations and most have been published for more than 60 years. In the past 10 years, NCM has generated $30 million in advertising revenue for the 22 publications, serving 7 million rural and suburban households. The cooperative organization should top $4.7 million in sales this year.

As NCM compared the coop magazines to Better Homes & Gardens, I will merely note that BH&G has advertising sales of over $600 million a year (a number that could be divided by 22 and still be a lot).