Steve Jobs, salesman

Steve Jobs, salesman: In news that Mac addicts (hey, I can quit, really) will cheer, Steve Jobs has successfully undergone surgery to remove a rare form of pancreatic cancer. In this case, being rare is a good thing, as it is curable, unlike most forms of pancreatic cancer. I hope he quickly and fully recovers. Ever a salesman, Jobs’ e-mail to Apple employess regarding his cancer, ends with a mention that he is writing the memo from his hospital bed with a 17″ iBook PowerBook and Airport Express.

2 thoughts on “Steve Jobs, salesman

  1. That’s interesting that there’s wireless access in a hospital. They’re so picky about cellphone use in hospitals. But wait, I do recall that hospitals increasingly use wireless commo for linking diagnostic tools to patient records, etc. So maybe there’s some bandwidth leftover. Cool.

  2. On an overnight stay at the Vandy sleep clinic a few months ago I ran into some wi-fi…however it may have been from the office building next door…or perhaps the sleep clinic being in a Mariott Hotel has something to do with it as well.

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