Cat-a-zine fight

Cat-a-zine fight: The whole shopping magazine thing keeps zipping past me. I leave town one day and I can’t’ keep up with who’s launching a new shopping magazine for kids or pets or whatever. (Personally, I’m a big fan of the Sky Mall catalog as it makes me realize there are lots of people out there who are really into purifying the toxic air in their homes…but again, that is not truly a cat-a-zine because the retailers pay to be in it, I guess.)

Anyway, yesterday I missed several stories about this viral category of magazines. Like, for instance, David Carr devoting his talents to writing a story about them. Or that Reuters knocked off Carr’s story and added that Conde Nast has increased the guaranteed circ of Lucky to one million. That’s right, one million. Lucky. And this morning, DM News follows-up the NYT and Reuters stories with its take on the Lucky knock-off from Hearst due out next week (thus, no longer a vaporzine) called Shop, etc.