Findory’s Blogory and a clarification

Findory’s Blogory and a clarification: Via comments on a previous post regarding news aggregators offering alternatives to Google News, Italian blogger Luca asks, “What about I found your post by”

Sure enough, I clicked over to and found a Google News-influenced interface featuring posts from the blogosphere. (I also discovered I had registered on the site sometime in the past, so obviously this is not new news.) Very cool.

Also, Chris Tolles of let me know that they do, indeed, have e-mail alerts which my earlier post implied they did not. I was referring to the “when-published” alerts. Upon thinking about it, however, I don’t know why I would set up an e-mail alert on Topix as they are far-ahead the field in RSS feed options which I much prefer over e-mail anyway. Thanks for the clarification anyway.

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  1. Blogory just in the past few days added a Library top-level category, too. Congratulations, library folk!

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