Please the reader? What a concept

Please the reader? What a concept: While magazines in America may be merely rebounding, according to this article, in China, magazines are booming.


Last year, media advertising revenues raked in over $13 billion, a 20 percent rise year-on-year. Publishing reforms means magazines no longer have to please for the leader but the reader.

I’m guessing the article suffered from translation into english. I think what they were trying to say was something about learning how to please the advertiser by undertaking more research initiatives and marketing campaigns designed to better sell the effectiveness of the medium.

One thought on “Please the reader? What a concept

  1. Maybe not. In China, I’d bet most magazines were in a sense custom published – that is, they had a client, in this case the government or the party (no diff) whom the mags had to please. Hang the readers. Sometimes literally.

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