Plenty of warning

Plenty of warning: The NY Times’ David Carr follows-up an earlier report regarding an Arts vaporzine (currently unnamed) being developed by Conde Nast for a launch in 2006.


But at a time when The New Yorker has more than a million readers and is contributing actual profits to the coffers of Condé Nast, Mr. Truman said that it might be a good time for a magazine that gives Gauguin — and his more contemporary cohort — the Nicole Kidman treatment. “What Condé Nast magazines do best is to democratize sophisticated, aristocratic tastes,” Mr. Truman said. “That is what Vogue does, what Lucky does, what Gourmet and GQ do.” The prototype shows a magazine focused on art, sculpture, architecture and photography. It includes a series of articles — “curated stories” is what Mr. Truman calls them — that aim a lens at specific themes or artists. A feature article, “Art Imitates Love,” includes lavish spreads of artistic representations of romantic love, with work from the photographer Nan Goldin and the painter John Currin. And the work of new artists appears as short inflection points throughout the magazine.

I would like to be on record as saying the brilliant folks at Conde Nast can pull this off…and perhaps are the only people in the magazine world who can.