Window gallery library

Window gallery library: I’ve mentioned before that I (and also Lewis) have been inspired by Doc Searls’ photography out plane windows enough to do some myself. So, when I saw (via a review from blogger Jim McGee) there was a book called Window Seat: Reading the Landscape from the Air, I had order a copy.

Quote from Jim McGee:

While I’ve always enjoyed picking out what I could figure out on my own, this book gives me a whole new set of things to look for. Better yet, it uses what you can see as a launching point into little lessons on geology and and human impact on geology. It’s a sturdy and compact enough book that you can toss it in your carryon bag just in case.

I plan to thow one into my back pack right next to my camera.

Branded magazine update

Branded magazine update: Keith Kelly reports that Time Inc. is launching a magazine based on the successful PBS program, “Find!“. (An example of the position in the custom publishing continuum in which a magazine property begins life as a brand in another context.) Hits the newsstands September 6 so it is officially not a vaporzine. It’s a busy, busy time for Time Inc.