How to increase traffic to your weblog

How to increase traffic to your weblog: Perhaps it is noticable, but most of the content of this weblog is about magazines. So my early detection devices are tuned to news related to that topic. So it was not unusual on Friday that I blogged a story that moved late in the day regarding a certain tennis player suing a magazine regarding pictures of her not dressed in her typical tennis togs. Anyway, I’m assuming that post was one of the first items on the Google grid that included certain key words one would use in seeking a glance at those photos. Bottom line: throw words like “myskina” and “topless” in a post and your traffic of disappointed visitors will increase dramatically.


e-Weak: First it was the magazine Fast Company that displayed a clueless inbound linking policy. Now it appears Ziff Davis is displaying similar tendencies to view inbound links as a potential source of licensing revenue. Despite some confusion regarding the difference between Ziff Davis’ (the one with the clueless policy) and ZDNet (now owned by CNET with no ties to Ziff Davis), the /. community is actively discussing the policy and determining how to best display their outrage. (Happy monday morning.)

Perhaps, I could be more sympathetic if the magazine companies behind these cluess policies weren’t covering technology and the “new economy,” but these guys have no excuse for ignoring the whole “conversational” context of what they do.


Paradise: The weather this weekend in Nashville is better than any tourism bureau could ever hope: absolutely perfect and so unlike August. Dry, sunny, a high temperature around 80. And since all the other residents of my household have traveled to Maine to visit family and to escape the absolutely perfect weather in Nashville, I’ve been able to devote my day to jogging and biking and spending a long time newspaper reading on the patio of a fine local eatery. And now I’m sitting on the shady wi-fi’d back terrace of my home thinking it doesn’t get much better than this how much better it would be if my family were here and I was running errands and doing chores. Oh well.

Abstract abstract finder

Abstract abstract finder: Gary Price ( points to this database of abstracts of dissertations accepted for graduate degrees in journalism and mass communications. So, for example if you are trying to locate a “qualxrative (sic) content analysis of news magaznes’ (sic) coverage of the space industry,” now you have a place to turn. (By the way, as Google has no other link than this listing (until it indexes this post) to the word “qualxrative,” I assume it means the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication follows the rexblog example of avoiding that whole time-wasting, spell-check thing.)

Target: clone covers:

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, both Time and Newsweek use the same punctuation and wording to package their cover stories — Target: America. Neither story is about the department store.

August 16, 2004