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Pump up the volume: I have no plans to take the rexblog into the space of Gizmodo and other gadget-blogs, but some finds are just too impressive not to mention. Earlier this week, I received my back-ordered Aiport Express and discovered (after more than the typical Apple-like adjustments) that the streaming of iTunes via AX is about all someone with my limited audio-appreciation needs to fill up a large room with wall-shaking sound. However, my tiny powered speakers sound like I paid $8 for them, which is about what I did.

So here was my Saturday-morning challenge: Without plugging the AX into an existing sound system, find a $100 (or less) solution to get sound from an Airport Express bridged signal that will crack the plaster on the ceiling in the room below it. I can now report that the Altec Lansing VS4121 gets the job done. For $99 retail (but you can purchase it for less if you search), these speakers are enough for those who don’t sit around analyzing mid-range tonalities but just want something with chest-thumping bass and enough clarity to pick up the nuance of Chris Thile’s mandolin.

Thumbs up from the rexblog. Oh, and the AX is great, but how un-Applelike is it to limit the streaming to iTunes and not DVDs? Anyone know of a work-around?

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  1. DVD video uses around 3-10 megabits per second which would really only work with 802.11g (Airport Extreme) with a good link. The MPAA requires DVD video to be streamed in encrypted form so a decoder would have to be built-in to the device receiving and displaying the video. That doesn’t rule out a hack that is illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The DMCA will stop Apple but not indivuduals.

  2. Of course I would never use such a DCMA illegal hack, but if you run across one, please let me know because I have a friend who may want to.

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