/. to the rescue

/. to the rescue: Last night, I blogged the slashdot.org thread taking Ziff Davis’ eWeek.com to task for one of the most clueless in-bound linking policies conceived. Later in the evening, Matthew Rothenberg, the executive editor of eWeek.com, jumped into the thread with an apology and announced the company was correcting the situation.

Letter to /. from Rothenberg:

“Hey! I’m the executive editor in charge of eWEEK.com — and before this situation unravels any farther, I need to make a couple of quick clarifications about our reprint policy:

While I haven’t gotten all the details about what happened, this legal warning to PocketPCTools seems to be a result of miscommunication within our company. We understand and embrace the principles under which sites such as PocketPCTools link to and excerpt our content. There are plenty of occasions when a professional media company needs to question the wholesale appropriation of its content or the use of its marks. From everything I understand about the PocketPCTools case so far, this is NOT one of those occasions!

We’re moving to correct the situation now … PocketPCTools was apparently acting within the appropriate bounds of Web etiquette — actually, doing us a favor by sending us the traffic — and Ziff Davis was apparently mistaken in issuing this warning.

My personal apologies to anyone inconvenienced by this error. We’re investigating the situation now and will act accordingly.”

For the record, I take back my earlier comment about the eWeek folks appearing to not get the whole “conversation thing.”

(via Boingboing.net)